Personalized holograms on packaging increase product security

Jamie Hartford in Brand Protection on April 08, 2019

IQ Structures can laser-burn information such as serial numbers into self-destructive hologram stickers.


Holograms aren’t just a way to bring deceased celebrities back to life for one more performance—think the late rapper Tupac Shakur’s posthumous performance at the 2012 Coachella music festival. They’re also an important labeling feature that can help prevent counterfeiting of products. A new solution from IQ Structures that allows for individuation of holographic stickers can be applied to packaging to enhance brand protection, theft prevention and excise tax recovery.

The Czech Republic-based company can laser-burn personalized information into metallic holograms, creating difficult-to-counterfeit labels that also allow critical information, such as serial numbers, to be read with the naked eye.

“IQ Structures invested huge effort into its ability to create such holograms,” Petr Hampl, a spokesman for the company, explained in email to Packaging Digest

The holographic stickers come in a range of shapes and designs and are self-destructive to protect against tampering. If someone attempts to remove one, part of the sticker remains adhered to the surface, causing it to rip apart.

“The attacker would need to get a blank hologram first,” Robert Dvorak, business development director for security at IQ Structures, said in a press release.

The laser-burning of the personalized information can be done at any point in the labeling process, but IQ Structures recommends performing it during the final phase of packaging. The cost is also comparable to traditional holograms for large runs, Hampl adds.

Based in Řež, near Prague, IQ Structures specializes in optical nanotechnologies used for security, anti-counterfeit protection and lightening.


Jamie Hartford is content director for Packaging Digest’s parent company, UBM Americas, Advanced Manufacturing Group.



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