Printed memory is onboard new blister packaging system

By Rick Lingle in Brand Protection on December 22, 2014

Global Factories, a global provider of medicine pouch verification, will use Thinfilm printed memory labels for security and authentication in its new Vandenbrink Blister Packaging Machine (VBM).


Thin Film Electronics ASA (“Thinfilm”) Oslo, Norway, offers a Smart Consumables solution that features printed, rewritable memory labels that cannot be copied. Thinfilm Memory has previously been deployed in-field for product verification, including retail shipments earlier this year for protection of luxury goods. Global Factories will now extend the use of Thinfilm memory to pharma security applications. Global Factories revolutionary VBM will be launched during the first quarter of 2015. Additional Global Factories’blister cards featuring Thinfilm memory label systems will be introduced to key global markets throughout 2015.


The VBM provides automated filling of Global Factories’ unit- and multi-dose blister cards, which securely store patient medication and provide a visual blueprint of required daily intake. The Thinfilm Memory labels will enable Global Factories clients to confirm authenticity of the VBM blister cards, ensuring only safe and qualified materials are used in the system. In addition to packing and checking of blister cards, the VBM uses a patented verification technique to further improve patient safety.


To view a video at YouTube, click here.


To read the full release at Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, click here.



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