Custom can pours foamy draft latte

Rick Lingle in Cans on May 02, 2016

Specialized packaging technology adapted for La Colombe Coffee Roasters turns an ordinary can into a value-added delivery system for a foamy, microbubble-laden latte.


Everyone’s familiar with draft beer, so why not a Draft Latte?

That was the brainchild of Todd Carmichael, CEO and Co-Founder, La Colombe Coffee Roasters, whose goal was to create a packaged caffeinated drink with a texture that duplicated that found with lattes prepared artisanal-style in the company’s cafes.

Because metal packaging aligned with his philosophy of being infinitely recyclable, environmentally responsible and part of the economy that he participates in, Carmichael wanted the package to be a can.

However, the major hurdle was to find a can that could deliver the product he envisioned.

Carmichael connected with Crown, which researched and developed a can pierced with a hole at the bottom into which is inserted a valve to create the desired reaction.

Dubbed the InnoValve can, the sleek 10oz can combines Crown’s aerosol and beverage technologies using an aerosol valve adapted for beverage cans. The InnoValve can has a proprietary one-way valve/grommet at the bottom of the can that compresses a nitrous oxide gas into the drink upon opening, in this case creating the textured foam that gives the Draft Latte its distinctive café style quality. The can also has a "lip guard" fitment that optimizes the drinking exprience.

Packaging Digest drilled down deeper into the product’s design and marketing and the more intriguing technical aspects of the innovation. Responding to our questions are Todd Carmichael, CEO and Co-Founder, La Colombe Coffee Roasters, and Ron Skotleski, director of marketing, Crown Beverage Packaging, North America.


Tell us about the can decoration.

Carmichael: The design is a nod to what’s inside the can. It’s clean and minimal, representing the simple, natural ingredients used in the drink, mostly nutrient-rich milk and cold-pressed espresso.

The dove has been La Colombe’s logo for 23 years. It’s universally recognized as a symbol of freedom and peace. The white represents the milk and the pure nature of Draft Latte, which contains no chemical preservatives or flavorings. The design was done in-house at La Colombe.

For the initial launch, the product will utilize shrink sleeves printed using a flexographic and digital printing process.  Later, the can will be printed using dry offset lithography.


Was a foaming “widget” ever considered?

Carmichael: The widget is an interesting beverage technology, but it doesn’t achieve the complete texture we wanted—a nitro widget cannot reach the microbubbles or level of foam that embodies the draft latte.

We ultimately decided we had to take the next step in technology with the InnoValve can.


What more can you tell us about the development of the InnoValve can?

Skotleski: The hole is created post can forming. The process of creating the hole and inserting the valve took less than a year. 

We dedicated a great amount of resources across multiple divisions, Beverage & Aerosol.  Crown has a best-in-class R&D Dept. It took collaboration from our both our R&D facilities in Wantage, UK, and Alsip, IL.  This project stretched across all departments, including R&D, Engineering, Operations and Commercial. 

Even today, we are still learning and perfecting our process.  Innovation and continuous improvement are part of our culture at Crown.  It was a true team effort, and we could not have done it without our supplier partners as well. 


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