What in the world of can packaging is it?

Rick Lingle in Cans on April 20, 2016

What is notable about this top-down view of a canned product? Take our special Earth Day Visual Quiz and see if you can deduce or guess what this may be about. We offer some visual clues before showing it.


We want to bring to your attention a canned product that uniquely has two small holes in the lid.


You read that right. Why would any metal can, known for high barrier, hermetically sealed properties, have two tiny holes intentionally pierced through the lid?

That is the question for this, our 2nd Edition of Packaging Digest’s semi-regular What in the World of Packaging (WitWoP) Series. In case you missed it, the first WitWoP is found here: http://www.packagingdigest.com/decorating/what-in-the-world-of-packaging-isit-1603


Give it some thought and turn the page (below) to our first visual hint that starts to tell more of the (w)hole story of an unconventional twist on conventional cans.

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i love this!!! :)
Brilliant! What a fun idea!