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Rick Lingle in Cans on April 20, 2016





The product is Garden-in-a-Can from the earthy folks at Back to The Roots. I came across it by chance on display in the garden and outdoor center of a local Home Depot and found it fascinating and unique.


The can provides economical convenience as a growing pot through the “Biochar Technology Inside”—the organic potting mix within—that requires no drainage holes or transplanting. The holes allow the mix, which takes up almost the entire can, to breathe. A small sachet of seed is found atop the mix.

That's also why it's so appropriate to post this close to Earth Day 2016 on April 22, which we referenced at the beginning of the article as a subtle clue.

In addition to having a strong sustainable positioning, in essence the “earth” as noted above has been canned.

Garden-in-a-Can is available in four varitietes, basil, cilantro, dill and sage, all organic. Each allows you to grow your own plants right in the can by simply opening it and adding water. Sunlight and nature does the rest.

Never have canned "foods" been so DIY unexpected and interactive.

What do you think of this unique product in custom packaging?




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i love this!!! :)
Brilliant! What a fun idea!