‘Waterfall’ carton feeder solves pressure problems

Lisa Pierce in Cartoners on September 28, 2015

Replenishing cartons on a high-speed carton erector can keep an operator busy. Sometimes too busy.

But if you extend the carton magazine to hold more cartons, the added weight pressing on the carton supply could cause cartons to be pushed out at the end before a reciprocating feeder can grab them and set them up properly.

A new “waterfall” design on the CertiWrap Elite cartoner from Kliklok-Woodman—announced at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015 in Booth C-2603—makes sure that the pressure on carton blanks feeding into the machine is just right.

The design basically separates a small quantity of cartons at the end of the machine feeding area. The rest of the cartons on the magazine are pushed up until they drop down into this separate area…in a controlled waterfall action. The photo shows a close up of this feature on the machine.

Pack Expo Las Vegas is also the North American debut of the Elite cartoner.

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