Packaging Patent: Resealable carton offers easy-open feature

Rick Lingle in Cartons on February 05, 2014

Whether used for a single product or as a way to contain multiple products or packaged products, cartons are one of the key workhorse formats in packaging, which is why this particular patent got my attention.

This invention from Malnove Packaging Solutions, Alpharetta, GA, allows the user to access a product from a carton with an easy-opening feature, and allows the user to easily close and reseal the carton. Flexible barrier materials and related adhesives provide a secure tamper-evident design that can be opened and reclosed by the customer multiple times during use.

Example embodiments provide a pre-glued or flat rigid paperboard sleeve with an integrated opening and reclosing device. One method identifies a resealable label affixed to the carton in-line using standard converting processes.

To see the published patent, click here.


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