5 special solutions for case packing tasks

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Case Packing Machinery on January 25, 2016

Secondary packaging operations need speed, flexibility and adaptability to keep up with today’s high-speed filling lines. Here’s a handful of systems designed to do just that, which you can see in person at the upcoming WestPack 2016 show (Feb. 9-11; Anaheim, CA).


Case packer operates in semi- or fully-automatic mode

Rated at up to 20 picks or 10 cases of flexible packaging per minute, the BantamPro ELS (photo above) can operate as a semi-automatic or, with integrated case erector and sealer, as a fully-automatic machine. It can pack pouches, bags and flow-wrapped products into a range of cases. The BantamPro ELS features a steel frame for durability, a small footprint to conserve floor space and an intuitive human-machine interface (HMI) to make operations straightforward and trouble-shooting fast. Changeover for different products is streamlined to improve throughput and reduce downtime.

Brenton Packaging Machinery, A Pro Mach Co., www.brentonengineering.com

See the fully-automatic version of the BantamPro ELS in person at WestPack 2016 in Booth 5429, where it will be integrated with the Tekkra Triad shrink wrapper, another Pro Mach company.


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