9 case packing systems you can kick the tires on: Page 2 of 9

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Case Packing Machinery on September 18, 2015

2. The new Osprey CL automatic chub loader from JLS Automation starts with the JLS Osprey robotic case packer, then adds special tooling and modifications to automatically handle chub packs at speeds up to 125 per minute with a single-head ABB FlexPicker robot and up to 200 per minute with a dual-head robot, depending on chub size, weight and pack pattern.

Unique V-Track pick conveyor design eliminates rolling. The CL handles chub packs ranging from 2 to 4.5 inches in diameter, 4 to 24 inches in length and in weights from 8 oz up to 10 lbs.

See the Osprey CL chub loader at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015 in Booth C-4703.



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