9 case packing systems you can kick the tires on: Page 9 of 9

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Case Packing Machinery on September 18, 2015

9. The 298 Tritium Trayshink Packer from Standard-Knapp can create tray, pad and unsupported pack styles at speeds of 120 trays per minute. As flexible as it is, the system also minimizes changeover time and complexity. A high-speed Robo-Wand wrapping module offers multi-axis control to accommodate a variety of packing possibilities—and without the need for changeparts. The ergonomically designed horizontally loaded tray blank magazine hold 1,500 blanks, with an optional 3,000-blank extended capacity.

See the 298 Tritium at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015 in Booth C-4214.

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