New case packers make efficient changeover a wrap

Lisa Pierce in Case Packing Machinery on April 15, 2015

This trio of servo-driven wraparound case packers shows that quick changeover and easy operation are within reach for a variety of markets and package formats.

A switch from regular slotted containers (RSCs) to wraparound-style cases could improve pallet efficiencies and bolster column strength, as well as could cut operator time for loading case blanks because most wraparound magazines hold about twice as many blanks as typical RSCs.


Our first is the new HCP all-servo wraparound case packer from PMI Cartoning Inc., which uses custom infeed and product-handling systems to enable max speeds of 30 cases per minute. Multi-axis Allen-Bradley Kinetix servos, along with operator-friendly ControlLogix and AB PanelView Plus controls (all from Rockwell Automation), provide the automation features that assist changeovers and ease operation. For markets that need it, optional stainless steel washdown construction is available.


Click “Next” to see a compact system that controls compression.

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