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Wepackit Machinery

Wepackit Machinery is a manufacturer of case erecting, packing and sealing equipment. Over twenty years of experience has given our equipment the distinction of being maintainable, simple, dependable and efficient.

Wepackit Machinery is an industry leader in the field of case packing.  We provide turnkey case packing solutions for most industries.  We have the ability to integrate well with upstream and downstream equipment to ensure proper line functionality, resulting in a stable & efficient production environment.

A typical Wepackit solution consists of a Case Erector, Case Packer and Case Closer/Sealer.  All integrating conveyors between each piece of equipment isavailable to form one cohesive case packaging system.  Each piece of equipment can also be used as a stand-alone machine.  Therefore one can start with a semi-automatic solution and evolve to a fully automatic packaging system.  Or if your packaging needs change in the future, our system is easily adapts by relocating/changing/modifying one of the modules.

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Case and Tray Packing Machinery