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Daphne Allen in Tubes on March 07, 2017


GOLD: Estée Lauder Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream, Albèa Americas (above; see story on page 1)


SILVER - Tie: Freeman Beauty Infusion, Albèa Americas (above) 

For the Freeman Beauty Infusion line, Albéa employed an aluminum barrier laminate (ABL) tube with very little aluminum. The 400-micron-thick structure consists of only a 9-micron-thick layer of aluminum. “There’s less influence of the aluminum for denting,” explains Jackson of Albéa. “The aluminum is used more for metallic effect than barrier.”

Printed flat, the silver laminate results in a nice combination of graphics, metallic effects, and feel, he says. “There’s still a trend toward metallic effects in decoration,” he adds. “It is a premium-looking package in which the consumer will see value.”

SILVER - Tie: A La Maison Coconut Crème Conditioner, Viva IML Tubes (above)

To achieve the look of old-fashioned matte aluminum tube, Viva IML Tubes used a very thin layer of aluminum foil sandwiched in the in-mold label, explains Bruno Lebeault, Marketing Director North America. “It gives the plastic tube a metallic effect but doesn’t wrinkle like aluminum tubes would,” he says.

The aluminum-containing label consists of vacuum-metallized PET, and Lebeault calls the amount of aluminum “negligible—its thickness is only 0.1% of the tube’s total thickness. It is almost as though you sprayed on the aluminum.”

Given the minimal amount of aluminum, the tube is still recyclable, says Lebeault.



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