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Daphne Allen in Tubes on March 07, 2017


GOLD: Gold Bond Triple Action Relief Foot Cream, Albèa Americas (above)

Chattem’s coextruded plastic tube features “a very strong blue and red decoration,” says Jackson of Albéa. “We printed the blue on a white background, as opposed to extruding the blue color. This allows all the colors to be strong and bright, and this strength could not be achieved through printing on a blue background.”

This technique is called “sleeve printing,” and it involves printing the sleeve with a flexo press then loading the sleeve into the injection molder, where the head is molded and attached.

“It is not a common approach for round tubes such as this one, but it is a good way to keep costs down,” says Jackson. “All the colors come from inks, not color concentrates.”

SILVER: Rub A525 Antiphlogistine Anti-Inflammatory, Albéa Americas (above)

Albèa helped Church & Dwight change the packaging for Rub A525 Antiphlogistine Anti-Inflammatory from a white tube to a shiny aluminum barrier laminate (ABL) tube. A thick foil layer provides the barrier needed for an aggressive formula and collapses during use, reports Albéa.

When printed with translucent red and green inks, these colors appear metallic themselves, according to Albéa.


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