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Daphne Allen in Tubes on March 07, 2017



GOLD: Compliments Organic Cilantro Seasoning Paste, Viva IML Tubes (above)

“There’s a growing demand for tubes for food,” notes Bruno Lebeault of Viva IML Tubes. “It is important to have good graphics.”

In the case of the Compliments tube, Lebeault says it was important to have photo-quality-like images of the various seasonings in the company’s line.

Viva also built in a “window” through which consumers can see the product. Producing the clear window wasn’t necessarily challenge, since the label and tube substrate are transparent, but holding the gradient leading to the window was, says Lebeault.

SILVER: Entube Harissa Chili Paste, Montebello Packaging (above)

To maintain the flavor of Entube’s Harissa Chili Paste, Montebello Packaging provided an aluminum tube.

“This product has a lot of flavor, and an aluminum tube is just like a can—it is shelf stable, prevents product degradation due to oxidation and moisture loss, and when hot filled it will maintain the sterility of the product inside until opened,” explains Tom Zopf, vice president of sales, Montebello. “The aluminum tube offers a long shelf life, making this packaging perfect for food.”

Entube markets high-end products, Zopf says, so it sought a high-end look. “The company was looking for the natural aluminum look, so we used a natural aluminum coated with a clear enamel and printed Entube’s graphics on top,” he says. “It really makes the graphics stand out.”

The wide-mouth stand-up cap also contributes to the look. “The cap is almost the same diameter as the tube itself, which also lends it a higher-end look,” Zopf says.

Montebello’s sister division Monfitello filled the tubes. “We set up this division to help people get started with food in tubes,” Zopf says.

BRONZE: Cake Mate Dessert Dazzler Decoration Gel, Albèa Americas (above)

Albèa produced a transparent plastic tube that showcases the color of the gel inside. For a dazzling effect, a white design fades to a silver one while still showing off the gel.


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