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Daphne Allen in Tubes on March 07, 2017


GOLD: 3M Wood Filler, Viva IML Tubes (above) 

Viva was asked to create a tube design that could support 3M’s 8-plus-SKU line of wood fillers. The printed wood-grain shades on the in-mold labels had to be “realistic looking,” says Lebeault, because consumers use them to find the right color. Viva did also build in a “window” to allow consumers to see the product color.

To help users fill in wood, Viva added an applicator tip for precise application.

Lebeault says the tube is yet another example of tubes’ growing popularity outside their traditional market, the personal care industry.

SILVER: Gorilla Glue Gorilla Construction Adhesive, Albèa Americas (above)

Albéa created a custom tube with a special lamination designed to hold silicone-based adhesives and sealants, Jackson says. The aluminum barrier laminate (ABL) achieves the necessary shelf life for aggressive, hard-to-hold formulas. 

To dispense the silicone, Albéa worked closely with the product design team at Gorilla Glue’s parent company to develop a user-friendly system. The result was a custom tube head and cap that utilize a wiping plug that “pushes the residual product in the neck back down into the tube reservoir,” Jackson explains. Such a design prevents silicone from drying inside the neck and “enhances future use of the tube,” he adds.

A screw-on nozzle is also used for precision dispensing, and it features a connector that sits on the neck of the tube so it won’t be lost in between uses. “Gorilla really thinks through everything for the consumer,” says Jackson. “Consumers can store the nozzle on the tube so it won’t get lost in a drawer or on a work bench, yet they can remove it for cleaning.”

Jackson says he himself used the Gorilla Glue construction sealant recently to seal an exterior light from weathering, and says he saw the user benefits firsthand.

BRONZE: LePage No More Nails Adhesive, Plastube (above)

Plastube provided an MDPE monolayer tube produced on an offset press. A nozzle is designed for industrial use.


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