5 simple, yet effective, savings in plastic caps

Saravana Sellamuthu Kuppan in Closures on July 07, 2015

With increasing raw material costs, it is becoming ever so difficult to maintain the same retail price of products. One of the integral parts of any consumables is packaging and the departments have been pressing efforts on how to cut down on the amount of materials used.

Caps and closures are a main component of many product packages. Here are five ways designers, specifiers and procurement agents can shave costs by playing with the closure design, process or grade of material.


Design improvement

1. Knurl Reduction (see photo above): Knurls are a pattern of straight, angled or crossed lines cut or rolled into the material that allows hands or fingers to get a better grip on the cap than would be provided by the originally smooth surface. This helps in ease of unlocking and opening the bottle. The serration should be large, deep and wide enough. You can reduce the amount of material in knurls by increasing the distance between the knurls, reducing the width of knurls or by having different patterns—like each alternate knurl can be cut in size by half. Typically, the weight contribution of knurls in the gross weight of a cap is 20% of the total weight. Even a 50% decrease in this would cut the material weight of cap by 10%.

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