Foil on plastic closure pops for premium spirits

Lisa Pierce in Closures on September 07, 2016

Distillers are meeting consumers’ thirst for new drinking experiences with a burst of new products and flavors in the U.S. spirits market. But how can brands stand out on ever-more-competitive shelves? A new closure decorating process now lets them add a luxurious metallic look while still offering consumers the functionality, economy and easy opening of a plastic closure.

The Luster process from Berry Plastics gives spirits packaging a premium look by adding foil to the tops and sides of 33mm smooth-wall closures (other closure sizes and finishes can be developed too, according to the company).

For now, stock foil colors are gold, silver, black and white. Custom colors, finishes (such as shiny or matte), textures, patterns and special effects are also available or can be developed.

According to the company, the Luster foil decoration does not change the closure’s storage or handling needs, except that soft material capping chucks, such as rubber or neoprene, are recommended to protect the surface during application on the packaging line.

See the Luster spirits closure decoration at Pack Expo 2016 (Nov. 6-9; Chicago) in the Berry Plastics Booth N-5339.


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