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September Promising Packaging Patents

Patents-Bottle TopBottle closure controls flow, prevents spills (shown)

The patent meets an unresolved need for a bottle top apparatus that regulates and controls flow of liquid or solid contents from a bottle while preventing spillage of the contents upon opening and during use. It is aimed at many membrane-sealed bottles for products (engine oil, for example) that only offer fully closed or fully open positioning. The bottle top apparatus comprises a top closure connected to a lower end of a twisting member that conforms to a second closure integrated to the bottle top and that can slide over the latter closure.

Improved heat-shrink labeling using a three-zone tunnel
In pointing to problems with conventional heat-shrink labeling methods, this patent filing from SKC Co. proposes a hot-air tunnel system comprising a preheating zone, a labeling zone and a cooling zone. Each zone is equipped with fan heaters on both sides and on the bottom and is also equipped with an air circulation system on the top. This arrangement is said to minimize labeling defects when polyethylene-based containers are labeled with heat-shrinkable labels. The preheating zone minimizes the expansion of the product to be labeled; the labeling zone allows the heat-shrinkable label to shrink uniformly around the product; and the cooling zone prevents loose labels.

Update on the Vented Bottle
Packaging Digest conducts an exclusive Q&A with Matt Dufala and Shane Gowans, patent holders for The InVent Vented Bottle, which is associated with two patent filings including a "Liquid container with multiple openings." The principals discuss the hurdles to commercialization; identify the three versions of the bottle they envision; name approximately two dozen vendor and consumer packaged goods companies they have been in contact with; and share their lessons learned along the way about patents, packaging and the packaging business. Lastly, they note the next step on the path toward getting the package on shelf.

Container with crimped tamper-evident locking
This invention addresses problems in ensuring the security of products in transportation, such as produce and other foodstuffs in hinged containers, as well as medical products used in care-giving situations. A container has a top and a bottom member and at least one cooperating locking means that comprises an upstanding post and an associated opening or recess formed in the flanges of the top and bottom members. A weakened fault zone is formed in the immediate region of each post or of each cooperating opening or recess. The container is locked in its closed position after it has been filled by crimping the end of each post so as to mechanically deform the post. Any attempt to disengage a crimped post will result in failure of the respective weakened area and may be construed as tampering prior to first use by the consumer.


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