3 freaky functional coding solutions that boost packaging productivity

Lisa Pierce in Coding on February 03, 2016

With product safety and consumer right-to-know trending high these days, an efficient and reliable package coding operation can help ensure your package contains critical information, whether that be for track-and-trace, simple batch/lot identification or even just a “best by” date. This trio of new coding-related products puts productivity in high gear. See them live at the upcoming WestPack 2016 show (Feb. 9-11; Anaheim, CA).


Thermal inkjet printer integrates easily on existing packaging lines

For fixed or variable print applications, the new InteliJet TS-X thermal inkjet system (photo above) adds text, logos and bar codes to a range of food packaging materials. Speeds range from 125, 250 and 500 feet per minute for resolutions of, respectively, 600x600, 600x300 and 600x150 dots per inch. With a compact design and a standard mounting configuration, the unit integrates easily into existing packaging operations. Marketed as an alternative to continuous-inkjet printers, the IP65-rated unit touts zero maintenance, according to the company. Flexibility in inks includes resin- or water-based inks for, respectively, non-porous and porous surfaces, as well as various colors: black, spot or PMS colors. Ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) inks can provide secure or personalized prints.

Bell-Mark, www.bell-mark.com

See this product in person at WestPack 2016 in Booth 5301



New controller simplifies coding systems management

With the new MPERIA controller, you can manage coding systems from this supplier, as well as from other manufacturers—all from a single interface. This easily scalable solution lets you manage messages and settings for multiple units on one or many packaging lines—even remotely by Virtual Network Computing, enabling central message management and remote diagnostics. Using the intuitive touchscreen graphic user interface (GUI), you can create and edit messages. The controller also integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and other databases, saving time and reducing input errors for improved productivity.

Matthews Marking Systems, www.matthewsmarking.com

See this product in person at WestPack 2016 in Booth 5457



Bar code printer/verifier checks every code

The new ThermaBar bar code system can print and also verify linear and two-dimensional (2D) bar codes. With this built-in inspection functionality, operations can analyze 100% of the codes printed for grade and scanability. The affordable thermal system prints labels 4.1-inches wide in three resolutions: 203, 300 or 600 dots per inch (dpi). The unit automatically voids and reprints labels with bad bar codes.

Verified Printing Systems (VPS), www.vpsinc.com

See the ThermaBar printer in person at ADC Technologies’ Booth 5533 at WestPack 2016. ADC Technologies is a reseller/system integrator for VPS.

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