4 ways lasers lighten inefficiency in packaging

By Rick Lingle in Coding on July 14, 2015

While laser coding is nothing new, new advancements in the technology are improving their utility and performance on packaging production floors.  We present four examples of how that has been done including two that show how vendors’ improvements in laser technology optimize on-package coding while two others show how lasers are making their mark elsewhere in packaging operations.


Our opening and closing acts feature lasers’ use for coding; leading things off is this concentrated effort by Domino Printing that demonstrates how it is possible to increase the effectiveness of a laser for coding without increasing its power (above).  That’s especially welcome news in pharmaceutical, food and beverage where packaging requirements are becoming stricter and more demanding.


Domino’s secret is in a new concentration technology that delivers more power to the substrate to be laser-etched, providing users with the performance of a higher-powered laser, but with lower costs, a smaller footprint and less energy. The company claims the technology achieves applying more than double the power to the substrate and while increasing reliability.


You can see more about this breakthrough in this animated video.


Our next example provides a different kind laser that makes a lot of sense…

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