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Kanematsu USA

Founded in 1910, Kanematsu USA Inc. is a subsidiary of the Kanematsu Corporation, one of the oldest trading companies, founded in 1889 in Japan.

Although Kanematsu USA Inc. has been an American company for longer than many of the most famous of U.S. businesses, we have grown along with our affiliates around the world to become a diversified member of the global business community. Our major business areas include electronics, steel & metals, food products, chemicals, textiles and aerospace, In this era of borderless economy and uncertainly business environment reflects a new spirit of global coordination and strategic, planning. For American companies to be truly competitive, they must have instant access to information from all over the world and the know-how to use that information to their advantage. Upon entering 21st century, the U.S. economy has become increasingly more integrated with the world economy than ever and the ability of American business to “be” anywhere and everywhere in the world is fast becoming the key to their continued success. Developing the right business strategy with a carefully selected partner means the difference between that success and mere survival. Companies wishing to thrive must maximize every opportunity available to them. They must establish strong relationships with experts like Kanematsu USA Inc. that:


Have mastered the techniques of developing international business.

Can recognize opportunities and manage risks.

Can market new high technology products.

Can assist in rapidly opening major distribution channels.

Can support promising new ventures.

Supplier Categories: 
Printing and Decorating Machinery
Our major business areas include electronics, steel & metals, food products, chemicals, textiles and aerospace.