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Markem-Imaje Debuts High-speed, High Resolution Thermal Inkjet Solution: The New 1050 Printer

Markem-Imaje Debuts High-speed, High Resolution Thermal Inkjet Solution: The New 1050 Printer

The 1050 thermal inkjet printer provides an ideal option for customers who seek high resolution codes for general coding, improved traceability and promotional coding at fast-moving line speeds.

Markem-Imaje, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of product identification and traceability solutions, has announced the introduction of the 1050 integrated thermal inkjet printer to further complement Markem-Imaje’s product offering. The 1050 produces high resolution serialized data and complex 1D and 2D barcodes on fast-moving production lines in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. The new 1050 printer is also designed to excel at case coding in dusty, humid or corrosive environments.

According to Christophe Lopez, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Markem-Imaje, the introduction of the 1050 thermal inkjet printer is a response to the demands of an evolving industry. He explains, “Increasingly, customers around the world require serialized product identification solutions, both for enhanced traceability as well as the ability to deliver customized product promotional coding in short runs. That’s precisely what the 1050 delivers. Thermal inkjet is a proven technology in the marketplace and the new Markem-Imaje 1050 offers more, thanks to a system that can produce text, logos and high density graphics as high as 600 x 600 dpi, even at rapid line speeds.”

The 1050’s high-speed accuracy is due to the precision control of 600 separate ink nozzles, allowing variable dpi from 1 to 600 for optimal printing. The flexible printhead can print codes from 12.7 mm up to 50.8 mm high.

The 1050 is easy to maintain because it features ink cartridges that combine the printhead and ink, which means no moving parts. It’s simple and free from hassle, with snap-in and -out cartridges, allowing operators to maintain the 1050 with minimal line interruption, and keeping availability high.

The 1050 thermal inkjet utilizes the same easy-to-use 7” touch-screen user interface with intuitive WYSIWYG as other Markem-Imaje products. It is fully compatible with Markem-Imaje’s powerful CoLOS® coding software as an option for network control of all Markem-Imaje printers.

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