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QR code lets loved ones create a Valentine ‘message on a bottle’

Article-QR code lets loved ones create a Valentine ‘message on a bottle’

QR code lets loved ones create a Valentine ‘message on a bottle’
Tussock Jumper Wines lets lovers get more personal this Valentine's Day.

This Valentine’s Day, Tussock Jumper Wines is making it easy to add a personal touch to gift bottles of wine. Using a proprietary mobile app and on-pack quick response (QR) coding, the gift giver can add a digital message to specially marked bottles. The recipient then uses the app to retrieve the personalized content.

The key to the packaging design and its unique functionality is a neck tag printed with a large QR code and the text directive to “Scan your message with a bottle.”

To tag the QR code with something personal, consumers start by scanning the code with their smartphone. This sends them to the app store, where they can download the free Tussock Jumper Celebration app for either iPhone or Android.

Next they open the app, tap “tag” to scan the QR code again and are prompted to add their message, which the app uploads automatically. Messages can incorporate new or existing video or voice clips, music, photos, text, an email address or a phone number.

To retrieve a message, the recipient opens the app, taps “scan” and uses any QR reader to scan the code. The app automatically loads the message.

Consumers also can use the app to learn about the Tussock Jumper brand, find nearby stores that carry it and read tasting notes about its products—a range of 16 wines from 11 locations worldwide.

Tussock Jumper’s QR-coded bottles will be available throughout February in select stores in New York City. The brand owner also plans to exhibit the concept at professional wine fairs in Russia and Germany this year.

Click here to watch a video about sending and receiving messages with the app.

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