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By Posted by Rick Lingle, Technical Editor in Computer Software Services on January 14, 2013

Trojanpic322The newly established R&D entity, Trojanlabel A/S, in January introduced to global markets an industrialized label printer, the TrojanOne powered by Memjet. The company joins a growing list of global partners incorporating Memjet's revolutionary print technology.


Memjet technologies put more than 70,000 ink nozzles on a print head - 17 times the nozzle density of traditional inkjet printheads. This breakthrough design gives Memjet printheads the power to deliver 1600 x 1600 dpi-quality at 300 mm/sec. The Memjet page-wide printhead is 8.77 inches wide (222.8 mm) and designed to fire more than 700 million drops of ink (dpi) per second.


"Our product prints 1600 dpi full color labels at 300 mm/sec, enabling in-house production of crisp color labels which gives your products added value and labels which optimizes your needs for traceability in form of every bar code and/or color code available," states Mikkel Wichmann, managing director for Trojanlabel A/S. "Just as important is the fact that this is done at a cost per label which is significantly lower than what the market has been able to offer up to now."


Trojanlabel products are differentiated from other solutions in their very robust industrial design highly inspired by the bigger and significantly more expensive digital printing solutions currently used by market leaders in medium to high volume label production.


Trojanlabel, +971-55-2607-837.
Contact: Thomas Jensen, marketing director, [email protected]


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