Bulk system

By posted by Kari Embree, Senior Digital Content Editor in Container Handling on January 26, 2014



Orbis Corp.


ORBIS Corp. introduces a 1200mm x 1000mm pallet, sleeve and top cap system. The 1000 x 1200 CS CISC OPTE Bulk provides a bulk packaging solution to store, handle and ship food, beverage, consumer goods and pharmaceutical products.


The ORBIS 1200 x 1000 CS CISC OPTE Bulk features a proprietary "active latch" that enables workers to engage and release the sleeve from the pallet from a standing position, with no bending required. When collapsed, the sleeve nests within the pallet and top cap and is fully self-contained for efficient return transportation. As a result, 50 percent more collapsed systems can fit in a standard 53 foot trailer than alternative bulk packaging systems.


ORBIS Corp., 414-299-3965







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