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CGP Coating Innovation DBA CGP EXPAL

CGP Coating Innovation is the global leader in anti-slip packaging solutions and manufacturers of Stabulon® with a wide range of Anti-Slip Papers amd Boards in this family lineup.

We also have our MDPE film interlayer StabuFilm®, our honeycomb range of products and capabilities with StabuComb®. We also offer our push-pull anti-slip coated slip-sheet Ecologistik® ideal for all exports eliminating the need for pallets.

In our range of more aggressive anti-slip solutions with a slide angle of more than 65°, we bring to you our interlayer StabuStop® along with our rubber mat replacement for trailer or container floor use branded as StabuMax®.  For products warehoused outdoors requiring anti-slip properties coupled with being 100% waterproof, we bring you our Stabulon OCEAN®.

These are but a few of our product offerings in providing customers globally with our high COF solutions. Not only do our products make it possible to put an end to loss damages preventing costly waste while improving load stability and integrity, but with our high COF it enables you to reduce other secondary packaging at the same time.

Providing further high added value for those focused on the environment, our anti-slip paper is the only one in the world to be Eco-Designed Certified (ISO 14062). Besides us providing an eco-responsible product to our customers, our process in producing this is certified as well which brings value to your product using our materials. Our products are 100% recyclable, reusable and our Stabulon® is also FSC Certified.

Safety is another key factor that our material brings to workers. Many people are injured and killed by shifting loads and pallets every year. With the use of our materials, pallet stability is significantly increased which also provides additional preventative measures for workers.

Besides touching on waste, loss damages, reduction in other packaging, Eco-Designed Certified and safety, you will see other noticeable improvements such as efficiencies, product through put, increased product count/pallet, reduction in your carbon foot print, reduction in warehouse space, reduction in labor costs and increased profits.

CGP Coating Innovation has expertise in understanding packaging of all types and is in every industry. We are also the experts when it comes to the machinability of very lightweight papers and excel in this area with all palletizing equipment and processes. No other provider has the technical product line up with the technical staff to offer and support our clients with our innovative and customized solutions to enable them to pack, protect, stabilize and transport their products safely with the least impact on the environment and bottom line.

With our global reach and international presence putting us closer to our clients with 12 offices across 4 continents, we can truly support you and your products anywhere in the world. Reach out to us today and let us demonstrate to you how we can serve you!


Stabulon High Friction Anti-Slip Paper used as interlayers, tie sheets, pallet pads and slipsheets to replace pallets in anti-slip format

FSC Certified, 100% Recyclable, Reusable, ISO 14062 = Eco-Designed Certified, for Manual or Automated Applications, Stabalize Boxes, Bags, Tray & Shrink, Totes, Gaylords and more. Standard, Customized Sizing and Rolls available. SlipSheet versions. Additional WaterProof High COF materials availabe too.
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Manufacturer of Stabulon anti slip paper and paperboard solutions providing high friction paper as interlayers, pallet pads, slip sheets to replace pallets and more.