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Line pressure analytical device

Line pressure analytical device
Quantifeel DRONE

Quantifeel DRONEFor the first time, manufacturers and fillers can immediately measure and pinpoint where packaging line pressure exceeds a level acceptable to maintain bruise free production. Quantifeel DRONE will measure line pressurization, display instant results and deliver canned one touch reporting to quality departments, line optimization specialists and packaging engineers.


Place the DRONE into running packaging lines and watch as pressure, orientation, and tilt appear in real-time via a connected Bluetooth tablet PC. Identify root-cause damage or assess specific areas where high pressures could lead to product failure. Aided by a simple wireless interface and advanced tablet software technology, the data enables you to make effective decisions and quantify results faster than ever before.


Smart Skin Technologies' wireless pressure measurement sensor will readily conform to engineered drawings of specific packages or as a standard cylinder for use in glass, cans and aluminum container applications. Sensors will not interfere with normal operations. Users may customize reports and display custom iterations of the pressure data or utilize a simple data export function allowing raw data to be used in external software programs or formulae.


It has been tested and proven in real-world packaging environments with some of the best known brand owners. Validation shows that pressurization above 30 PSI can lead to bruising and mechanical damage. Using DRONE, in this example, we reduced line pressure to 30 PSI from 60 PSI + and had direct correlation to glass waste reduction up to 50 percent.


Most packaging companies have never measured line pressure and attribute preventable waste to uncontrollable factors when pressurization cumulatively weakens the container leading to failure. Not long ago, 1 percent waste was acceptable to the packaging industry. We have shown that even 0.7 percent waste leads to losses in access of $30,000 per line per month in some packaging lines. Annualized that's $360,000 per year of lost production not including OEE, customer complaints and lost retail value.


Smart Skin Quantifeel DRONE technology can help packaging companies improve and maintain line pressure and continually improve waste in packaging. Use DRONE for new product development, line audits, and customer service.


Smart Skin Technologies
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