Unicep provides product development services and contract packaging for specialized liquid and gel products within various markets.

We are experts in single use Blow-Fill-Seal technology, including standard units and custom designs. Unicep is FDA registered; ISO certified and adheres to cGMP guidelines.

We specialize in new product development, compounding, contract filling, and designing custom single use blow-fill-seal packaging. The professionals at Unicep know how important your brand is to you and we understand that each brand has unique requirements. You define the scope of our services as broadly or as narrowly as your company needs mandate. Whether it's a new product launch or existing product transfer, Unicep has the expertise to make your program a success.



The SwabDose™ single dose applicator offers a ready to use package for various topical cosmetic, oral care, OTC, and animal health care products. To apply the product, you simply snap open the SwabDose™ unit and the product will be saturated on the tip of the swab- ready for application.For more information: http://www.unicep.com/packaging/swabdose

Twist-Tip™ Blow-Fill-Seal Unit Dose

Single use Twist-Tip™ Blow-Fill-Seal dispensers provide cost-efficient packaging systems without any loss of product integrity. Contents can be easily dispensed and controlled by the user. The size ranges allow for very precise dispense needs or a container that resembles a small bottle. This unique blend of resins maintains flexibility, yet delivers improved barrier performance.For more information: http://www.unicep.com/packaging/blow-fill-seal/twist-tip-blow-fill-seal-unit-dose
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Contract Manufacturing and Packaging
We specialize in unique unit dose manufacturing and packaging of liquid and gel products. Packaging options include tube, pouches, syringes, airless pumps, and Blow-Fill-Seal single use dispensers.