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4 new options in conveyors that lift efficiency

4 new options in conveyors that lift efficiency
The DynaClean Vertical Z Conveyer boasts more than double the capacity of standard incline conveyors.

Conveyors were once seen as the necessary connections between key machinery on packaging production lines solely as the means to get things from one machine to the next. Over the past years as vendors have bolstered conveyors’ capabilities, controls and other features, packagers and other users have seen the value in installing conveyors that can contribute to line efficiencies and/or reduce space requirements while maintaining product and package quality.

Users of all types can review these product- and production-propelling systems at one of the largest displays of conveyors of the year: Pack Expo Las Vegas Sept. 28-30. We highlight four of the newest features and systems to be on display for those in the market for conveyors.

We start with the DynaClean Vertical Z Conveyer (shown above), a cost-efficient solution for food processing facilities that need to move food products to higher elevations that boasts more than double the capacity of standard incline conveyors. The patented conveyer system is claimed as easier to clean and sanitize than traditional bucket elevators, resulting in lower cost of ownership and reduced downtime. The Vertical Z system is customizable to desired heights and includes widths up to 24 inches and a variety of belt styles. Drive flight options include 75 degree and scoop flights. The conveyor is constructed of plastic and stainless steel materials that meet NSF, FDA, USDA and BISCC standards.

Dynamic Conveyer, Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth S-6212


The new Zero Tangent Radius Belt Curve Technology offers modular belt construction for improved reliability and performance that can maximize floor space, enhance conveyor reliability and handle tight transfers. The Activated Roller Belt (ARB) conveyor designs are used to merge, sort, divert, transfer or change the direction, alignment, location and speed of an item independently without using rails or complicated mechanical controls.

Also to be shown is the new Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus touchscreen from Rockwell Automation that controls all sections of the conveyor from one easy-to-navigate touchscreen system.  Other options on display include a cost-effective dual-lane conveyor belt that turns products by simply adjusting the speeds of the side-by-side opposing conveyor belts.

Multi-Conveyor LLC, Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-2525


The SmartFlex Helical Curve conveyor makes tight turns, in either ascending or descending applications, thanks to its flexible chain. The design of these Helical Curve conveyors is based on the company’s SmartFlex platform, which is extremely configurable. This flexibility helps save installation time and costs. Systems are suitable for a variety of markets, including food and life sciences.

Dorner Mfg., Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-1847


The new M5482 roller-top belt for 90-degree transfers enables smoother conveyor transitions along the packaging line. Its unique 15-degree rotation design reduces damage to packages. With closed edges and a patented smart-fit rod retention system, the M5482 belt allows for an inch from the edge to the centerline to the first roller and two inches of lateral spacing. The ability to perform 90-degree transfers allows product flow to occur without using radius conveyors, saving the size of system footprints on plant floors.

Habasit America, Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth S-7433

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