New multi-positionable conveyor fits under other machines or into tight spaces

Rick Lingle in Conveyors on October 07, 2016

The new 2200 LPZ Z-Frame conveyor comes with one or two pivot points, and features an extremely low profile to fit under machinery or any other tight spots. That makes it suitable for product handling in packaging, automation, medical, pharmaceutical and other applications. The pivot points on the conveyor provide added flexibility as it can be configured in either Z-frame, horizontal-to-incline and nose-over positions. The 2200 Series LPZ conveyor from Dorner Mfg. handles loads up to 80 pounds at belt speeds to 250 feet per minute.

See the 2200 LPZ conveyor at Pack Expo 2016 (Nov. 6-9; Chicago) in the Dorner Booth N-5945.

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