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Drag conveyors, pneumatic conveyors, portable conveyors: Learn about the pros and cons of each and how to pick what you need for your packaging operation.


In short, conveyors move something from one place to another. That something can be a product, a package or a packaged product.

Conveyors are essential in transporting products and material from one packaging machine or operation to another. Yet they are more than a connection between machines; they can be functionally useful to optimize not only inter-machine performance, but collectively that of the entire line. When components like photoelectric sensors and variable speed drives are used, conveyors can be transformed into efficient and intelligent systems.

Conveyors come in all sizes, shapes and styles; depending on the task, conveyors can be defined as: accumulation, air, bucket, chain, gravity flow, incline, infeed, mass flow, modular, outfeed, roller, sanitary, screw, singulating, spiral, transfer, vibratory, washdown…the list captures much of the alphabet.

Conveyor selection is an undertaking that requires careful thought and planning because the right conveyor can make things flow smoothly while the wrong one can mess things up by contributing to product damage and other avoidable problems.

Conveyors are a market on the move: a 2014 report pegs the value of the Conveyor Systems Market at more than $6bn by 2018. While the report covers all markets, it identifies the food and beverage segment as the second largest market behind retail. The report notes that, while traditional conveyor systems account for a high market share, going forward overhead and pallet conveyor systems will see growth due to increasingly limited floor space.

For further information, you can read these recent examples of conveyor applications:


New positioning technology eases changeovers on high-speed conveyor lines

This beverage distributor selected a low-profile conveyor. With pallets traveling just 4 inches above the floor, this meant pallet jacks did not have to negotiate space-hogging ramps to place or remove pallets on or from the conveyor.

This sophisticated conveying system merges more than 100 products per minute from two lines into a single line to effectively double the product/minute production rate to feed an automated case packer.

A pneumatic conveyor saved this premium powdered egg manufacturer $150,000 yearly after it installed one conveying system and then added five more.

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The GCCL product line includes all types of conveyor systems, packaging machinery, palletizer/depalletizer equipment, robotic automations, innovative system integration, advanced technology distribution, qualified technical su


Potential conveyor applications include automation, assembly, food processing, packaging, pharmaceutical/medical, automotive & many more.


The variety and flexibility of our offering is unsurpassed, and mk Products have proven themselves world-wide in a broad variety of applications and industries.

We are committed to understanding your needs and partnering closely with you to provide solutions that improve performance and minimize operating cost. Whether it’s enhanced optimization of existing systems or newly customized pl


Qimarox emerged from Nedpack, which was established in 1995. From the beginning, Qimarox had a strong focus on the manufacture of palletisers and vertical conveyors.


Launched at Pack Expo, Dorner Manufacturing’s SmartPace conveyor takes randomly spaced products and containers and creates spaced or alternating


Our Mission is to focus on providing quality equipment and innovative conveyor solutions from designing to manufacturing.


 Two 48" diameter 11 gauge Stainless Steel Rotary Tables were recently installed for a pharmaceutical application.


Vous avez un projet qui requiert un convoyeur à rouleaux, à courroie, en acier, en aluminium, sanitaire ou autre, notre équipe d'expert est là pour vous.


Depuis 2001, LM Manutentions est votre partenaire de confiance pour tous vos besoins en systèmes de manutention.


From design to installation, HiMEC Conveyors, Inc.


Belt Corporation of America was founded in 1985 in Cumming, Georgia within the confines of a 2,500 sq. ft. warehouse.


Industrial Machinery and Equipment


The M5482 Roller Top plastic modular conveyor belt is suitable for packaging/materials handling applications and designed for 90-degree transfers.


Belt Technologies has been manufacturing metal belts and pulleys for over fifty years!

DuraSurf™ STS is a UHMW product that ships in a continuous roll. This innovative, ultra low-friction product can reduce energy consumption, protect slider beds, and extend belt life.

This system tackles both speed and position control - very cool.

            Winneconne, WI - Multi-Conveyor - Multi-Conveyor has just built this 2:1 mild steel constructed conveyor...

Provides a comprehensive reference for chains used in power transmission and conveyance operations. This book includes everything from the basics of chain, to the specific industrial applications of its use.

As the footprint around machinery, production areas and plants continues to shrink, the AquaGard 7100 Series Stainless Steel Table Top Chain Conveyor is the optimized platform to maximize available space. The conveyor is engineered to make tight...

To help prevent catenary sag, the 2200 Series SmartFlex comes with a weighted take-up module to help prevent the plastic chain belt from sagging underneath the conveyor during operation. Having sag in the conveyor belt is a safety issue as it...

In manufacturing environments where multiple product types are produced and packaged, flexibility is critical. Injection molders like GW Plastics have found that modular conveyors can make a big difference in costs and efficiency...

The sliding-shoe sorter picks full shipping cases from the pallet flow racks and single cartons once they have been...

Over time, following three expansions, the acquisition of automated machinery and the creation of an engineering department, Storcan has been able to develop its expertise in all areas of the manufacturing industry.

To meet the evolving...

We are committed to understanding your needs and partnering closely with you to provide solutions that improve performance and minimize operating cost. Whether it’s enhanced optimization of existing systems or newly customized plants, our dedicated...

West-Link is the leading manufacturer’s representative / distributor for inspection, packaging and processing equipment. In business for over 42 years providing Engineering Solutions, Equipment, Installation and after Sales Support.


Founded in 1955, by Dr. Thomas, at the request of the United States Air Force, Department of Scientific Research. Designed and built the first telemetering and beacon antennas for re-entry vehicles withstanding the high temperatures of re-entry....

Exceeding $20,000,000 in sales for AMT's 20 years in business demonstrates how quickly a company that really strives for customer satisfaction can move to the top tier of market share.

That which we learn from our people in the field is...

Advantage Conveyor, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom and modular conveying equipment for the packaging industry. We specialize in stainless steel construction conveyors using plastic belting. We also manufacture custom modular chain conveyors for...

We are a global company with affiliates in 26 countries. Through our distribution network, our products are available in 150 countries around the globe.

We have 7 production plants provide product R&D and manufacturing functions. We...

For us it is important to keep having focus on how we can do things better, smarter and more efficiently. Adaptability is important and we continuously adapt our products, processes and competences. Ammeraal Beltech Modular (former uni-chains) is...

Automated Conveyor Co Inc was founded in 2001. Its’ principles have over 75 years of experience in a wide range of conveying and manufacturing fields. ACCI is a manufacture of High Speed Cap Sorters and Systems, Stainless Steel Conveyors and other...

Belt Corporation of America was founded in 1985 in Cumming, Georgia within the confines of a 2,500 sq. ft. warehouse. Over the course of the ensuing twenty-plus years, we have grown into one of the most respected and innovative manufacturers of...

Belt Technologies has been manufacturing metal belts and pulleys for over fifty years! Since the first project, we’ve been helping engineers design continuous metal belts and belt conveyor systems for wide ranging applications in aerospace,...

Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Formed in early 2010 by Steve and Chuck Agnoff, Conroll produces ShaftDrive, a new conveyor drive system and a concept that promises to be the next 24 VDC 'revolution'. 

The father and son team are both successful entrepreneurs and bring a...

CRS/VAMIC Inc. is the exclusive Canadian distributor of MARBETT S.r.L. conveyor components. Since its inception in 1968, Marbett S.r.L. has strived to supply its customers world wide with innovative and unique conveyor components...

CTC is a leading manufacturer of narrow and mid web unwind and rewind machinery and related products. Our Automatic Roll Changing Unwinders and Rewinders provide efficient non-stop operation, keeping your converting process rolling. CTC products...