Ergonomic mascara brush contorts so user doesn’t have to

Lisa Pierce in Cosmetic Packaging on October 02, 2017

Applying mascara effectively is all about geometry. Women’s hands need to twist into all kinds of angles to reach lashes that grow in slightly different directions. The new fun and functional Lash 180° mascara brush does the bending for them by applying mascara both horizontally and vertically.

Developed by World Wide Packaging LLP, the patent-pending polypropylene applicator starts out totally vertical like a typical brush so it slides in and out of the tube for mascara coating. The brush features a twist-top mechanism. After removing the brush, the user simply rotates it into the angled position with one clockwise turn to create a 90-degree triangle before applying the product. To return the wand to the closed position, users simply turn the mechanism counter-clockwise.

According to the company, women can easily lengthen, curl, define and volumize all in one swipe, especially on wide eyes.

The company’s product development and sales group also created the proprietary formulation, which contains vitamins and amino to strengthen and fortify lashes. The product is also USA and European Union (EU) compliant.



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Hi i am looking for a manufacturer that can supply me the ideal mascara packaging for my product,, I am interested in the rosegold Ergonomic mascara brush.. If you can send me more details about this product e.g. pricing and size of product, and where are you located, that will be great Contact me [email protected] Thank you Malakey