Low-profile tube: Product of the Day

Rick Lingle in Cosmetic Packaging on April 14, 2014

Companies continue to look to lightweight their packaging top to bottom. A new offering from TricorBraun centers on a source-reducing opportunity that’s totally tubular, as in tubes, and is a literal snap to use.

TricorBraun partnered with Silgan Tubes to develop a unique, HDPE snap-on tube head weighing as much as 30 percent less than a similar-sized traditional tube heads. TricorBraun also has the exclusive rights in North America to Italian closure manufacturer Giflor range of products that include a new, Eco low-profile flip-top closure that weighs 50 percent less than a similar-diameter traditional closure.
This all adds up to a Eco low-profile tube/closure solution that’s a minimum of up to 30 percent lighter than traditional combinations holding the same volume of product.

The solution is a seamless drop-in on brand owners’ production lines, who do not need to adjust their filling operations. Likewise, the change is transparent for consumers, too, because the performance of the low-profile tube is no different from that of a traditional tube––flip the closure open and squeeze the tube.

The Eco low-profile tube/closure solution is now commercial in a two-inch diameter version, with other sizes to be added.
For more information about TricorBraun Design & Innovation, call Emily Bourdet, director of marketing, at 630-645-1205 or visit www.tricorbraun.com.

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