4 new packaging material discoveries at EastPack

Lisa Pierce in Decorating on June 03, 2015

From bio-based plastic cartons and a wood-veneer label to a heat-sealable cold foil blister and tamper-evident tear tape, new packaging materials on display at the upcoming EastPack 2015 show (June 9-11; NYC) aim to boost shelf impact for a variety of markets and products, including yours.

Learn more about these developments by attending EastPack. Register here. (Disclosure: UBM Canon, producer of EastPack, also owns Packaging Digest.)

We start with a folding carton that has clear eco benefits…


1. Bio-based folding cartons

New Klearfold PlantBox folding cartons (see photo above) are made from up to 30% box-grade bio-based polyethylene terephthalate (PET), derived from plant-based sources, yet possess the same properties and characteristics as petroleum-derived PET. Produced on the company’s own custom extruders to control quality and the material supply chain, PlantBox cartons maintain the appearance, quality and performance of the company’s Klearfold PET cartons. These new cartons include the company’s proprietary Soft Crease scoring technology, which helps optimize setup and product loading performance, whether manually or automatically filled.

HLP Klearfold, EastPack Booth #3303


Next up…woodn’t you like to see this label!

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