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Best Label Company, Inc.

For over 30 years Best Label Company has dedicated itself to customer satisfaction by printing quality pressure sensitive labels for multiple industries.

Best Label Company was formed in 1976 in Cerritos, CA as a privately held corporation. Flexography as a method of printing was still in its infancy as compared with today and pressure sensitive labels were coming of age. Increasingly seen in food and beverage applications, pressure sensitive (PS) labels were taking manufacturing by storm. PS labels and their respective high-speed applicators allowed for multiple different labels to be applied using one machine without multiple lengthy setups. Commercial manufacturers did not want to be left behind their competitors and quickly invested in this technology.

Best Label Cerritos was created to meet the need of the large manufacturing area of Los Angeles, CA. Within a few years, the Cerritos facility became well known for producing high quality labels throughout California and the West Coast.

In the early 1980’s Best Label Company needed more capacity to meet the demands of its ever growing Cerritos, CA customer base and also felt the need for a presence in the San Francisco Bay Area. By the middle of the decade the company acquired two Northern California label converters, Imperial Marking Systems and Beeline Label. The acquisition and combination of these two companies created the Northern California branch of Best Label Company, located in Union City, CA.

The latest acquisition came in 1997 when Best Label Company took ownership of Best Quality Labels in Guadalajara, Mexico. The heavy manufacturing and commercial development of Guadalajara over the last decade has grown exponentially, helping this third manufacturing plant grow into a vital part of Best Label Company.

We trace our roots back to 1945 through Beeline Label, however we have been shipping quality pressure sensitive labels under the Best Label Company nameplate since 1976.

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For over 30 years we have dedicated ourselves to customer satisfaction by printing quality pressure sensitive labels for multiple industries.