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Rick Lingle in Decorating on March 24, 2016


 Clue: Though it may be hard to see, it’s what the bottle is missing that’s notable.



Jan Martens, brewery owner, deservedly takes pride in his company’s innovative beer bottle.

Before we identify the packaging innovation, we offer one final hint: It isn’t a no-label look…it’s more innovative than that.  Scroll below for the reveal.






What is missing and what makes this bottle so remarkable is that it doesn’t have a label. Sure, it looks like it’s decorated with a no-label-look polymer label that’s been used on beer and numerous other bottles, but Martens brewery is one of the first users of direct on-bottle digital printing.

“Direct Print technology replaces the label of our standard Pils and we are now creating a more premium look and feel for our own brand,” says Martens. 

Along with the flexibility and speed that goes with digital printing, it also results in a more sustainable PET package

Direct Print Powered by KHS is the first industrial-scale, digital printing process with low-migration LED UV-cured inks for food-safe decoration of PET bottles.

You can read more about this remarkable technology here.



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