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Coextruded corkCoextruded cork

The Select 100 coextruded cork has been engineered with patented, two-phased oxygen management control. The cork is designed for fragile wines and is well suited for wines requiring extended aging, like full-bodied red wines. The cork creates a low-oxygen environment to prevent reduction, the presence of highly unpleasant sulfur compounds that occur due to a lack of oxygen ingress through the closure post-bottling.


Nomacorc, 919-460-2200.


Stand-up pouch

Stand-up pouch

TerraFLEX RP is suitable for use in virtually any flexible packaging application-from food and beverage to grass seeds and lawn products. The 100 percent PE line can be tailored to meet specific application needs, as it features superior moisture barrier that can incorporate an oxygen barrier to further protect content quality and freshness without affecting the film clearness or compromising the recycling stream.


Star Packaging Corp., 800-252-5414.

Fruit pouch

Fruit pouch

The Fresh-R-Pax "Fruit-Pop" pouches are made with food-safe absorbent technology that allows processors to pack ripe and sweet-tasting fruit. The new packs are easy to open, tamper evident and are suitable for packing slices of fresh-cut pineapple and melon. The pouches offer extended shelf life relative to other alternatives in the market and can be used to pack produce for kid's snacks, school lunches and convenience stores. 

Baltimore Innovations, +44 1628 531 900.


CO2-absorbing labels

CO2-absorbing labels

The Econano series of labels absorb and reduce CO2 released into the atmosphere when labels are incinerated. The label technology is made possible through a special CO2 absorbent being added to the label's adhesive that reduces the amount of CO2 released at the point of incineration by more than 20 percent compared with conventional labels. Moreover, when combined with the company's Nonsepa linerless label series, it is possible to achieve an approximate 50 percent reduction in CO2 emissions at the time of incineration, the company claims.


Sato America Inc., 704-644-1650.



Ampule applicatorsAmpule applicators

Functional, shaped applicator heads for the company's patented line of plastic ampules can be made from materials such as cosmetic foam, felts, wools, polyurethane and uncompressed melamine. All of the new tips can be laminated for coarser applications. The largest of the rectangular applicator heads is 1.5 in. wide and the largest of the circular applicator heads is 1 in. in diameter. Both are designed to fit the largest unit-dose tube, which can hold up to 5 mL.


James Alexander Corp., 908-362-9266.


Blow-molded PP

High-performance PP grade Borclear RC737MO, designed specifically for cosmetics and baby bottles, is able to produce bottles up to 2L in size. Borclear features reduced opacity and better surface scratch resistance for long-term consumer attractiveness, as well as the elimination of the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA), contributing to consumers' safety concerns.

Borealis, 908-850-6200.



The Deli Pot Topper is designed so the container can be filled with the main ingredient, while the lid, or topper, is filled with an ingredient to be added when the customer is ready to consume the product. The topper itself is made so it can fit neatly onto five different sizes of container, from 230 to 470mL, enabling flexibility and portion control. Other benefits of the device include a compact design for easy handling and merchandising opportunities, a recessed lid panel for secure shelf stacking and a clear, recycled PET container that contains 50 percent post-consumer waste.


Tri-Star Packaging, +44 20 8443 9100.


Shrink filmShrink film

Polyolefin shrink film-printed with high-impact, 360-degree graphics for multipacks-is strong enough to replace wrapped paperboard trays or paperboard sleeves, the company states. The shrink film delivers a production-friendly, sustainable solution while colorful film is suitable for a range of multipacks and bundled goods, including juice minis, wipes canisters, personal care products, automotive supplies and promotional "buy one, get one free" products.

Bemis Clysar, 888-425-9727.


Bulk containerBulk container

The new Sani-Box bulk container eliminates sidewall seams, gaps, holes and other bacteria traps associated with plastic bulk boxes. The container is protected by Microban, an antimicrobial, and features a seamless HDPE construction, configured so liquid residue is unable to pool or collect on any container surface, making container inspection and cleaning an efficient process.


Bonar Plastics, 630-293-0303.


Unit-dose packagingUnit-dose packaging

Oral liquid medications are now available in different unit-dose package sizes, allowing for dose sizes ranging from 5 to 45 mL. A key feature of this packaging design includes a flat-spoon shape to help ensure proper dosing and to allow medication to be administered to the patient directly from the package. The packaging also features more printable space for complete product labeling, a durable, flat shape to allow hospitals to store liquid medication in medication filing bays and automated dispensing machines and Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) bar codes that allow healthcare providers to track the NDC lot number and expiration date of each medication dose within a single scan.


Cardinal Health, 614-757-5000.


Powder dispenserPowder dispenser

The company has released its custom 4-fluid-oz (approximately 2.4 oz of powder) MDPE Round with a 31-mm special neck finish to accompany powder and sprayer closures. The bottle works well with a Roto Powder dispensing cap, which twists open and allows powder to be dispensed with a squeeze of the bottle. The unusual bottle-closure combination allows for ease of use, more directional dispensing of product and frees the user's hands during application. The bottle is available in white, with custom colors available upon request.


Kaufman Container, 800-824-4119.


Anti-counterfeiting technologyAnti-counterfeiting technology

The company releases its anti-counterfeiting technology in the form of JDSU Charms taggants, structured microtaggants. Taggants are microscopic pieces of material made from various substances, which are uniquely distinguishable from surrounding materials by structure, size, shape, color, surface inscription, material composition or material signature. Each taggant is also a covert device that remains invisible to the naked eye. Charms taggants feature customized logos or text unique to the brand owner. They can be incorporated into inks or varnishes and applied to the product label or directly on the product itself. The taggants can be used to authenticate pharmaceutical and other product packaging.


JDSU, 408-546-5000.

Wine label paper

GTREE high-performance wine label paper was developed for use on all bottling lines, including those using high-speed and mobile bottling application equipment. Made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled fiber, the label paper features an eco-friendly footprint while meeting the rigors of bottling, including tensile and tear strength, brightness, embossing and scuff resistance. The label paper is specially designed for increased resistance to water absorption, allowing it to maintain its appearance and print aesthetics even when exposed to ice bucket conditions for prolonged periods.


G3 Enterprises, 800-321-8747.


Flexible RFID tag

The SlimFlex tag enables more placement options for broadband UHF transponders, expanding the market potential with new applications for the tags. The tag's thermoplastic elastomer housing mounts securely on rounded or irregular surfaces, bending without negatively affecting tag performance. The tag allows data to be read and written from distances up to 19.7 ft when mounted to any wood or plastic surface, such as pallets or totes. With its flexible housing, the tag conforms to surface contours and can be securely attached with industrial adhesives or screwed into place via pre-drilled holes.


HID Global, 800-237-7769.


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