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New Materials, May 2013

Resealable can end

The c2 resealable end replaces stay-on tab openings of beverage cans. The solution reportedly offers a number of advantages, including the ability to portion canned beverages and transport them after the first opening. The resealable end also helps prohibit unwanted contaminants and reduces the risk of spilling. The plastic mechanism can be opened with one hand and is fingernail friendly, while the larger opening releases more aroma and flavor and is usable with a straw. The the shape and color of the closure components are customizable to offer beverage companies branding possibilities.
can2close, +49 (89) 41 61 77 8-61,

Fruit cushioning pad

Dri-fresh Resolve's soft-hold fruit cushioning material is an absorbent bubble pad that combines the cushioning and protective properties of bubble films with effective absorbency, high permeability and excellent presentation. Safe-hold is available with integrated ethylene absorbing and anti-fungal properties for extending shelf life in all applications.
Sirane, +44 1952 230055,

Dry-powder inhaler
Twister is the latest dry powder inhaler innovation and designed to address unmet medical needs in fast-growing markets. The simple and robust design has few components, and is patient-friendly, allowing patients easy access to their medication in three steps: Insert, twist and inhale. The inhaler is transparent, allowing the capsule and powder to be seen in the device as they are processed. The patient is also guided by audible feedback during inhalation.
Aptar Pharma, +33 1 39 17 20 41,

Encapsulating system

The 60-7170 is a one-component material, eliminating the need for mixing and measuring, and the waste created by unused mixed product. In addition, there are no limits to working time, yet cure time is shortened, making the system good choice for high volume production, according to the manufacturer. It is specially formulated to cure quickly in sections up to 3/4 inch and also in shadowed areas such as underneath components with no additional heat. Excellent adhesion and low shrinkage make it useful for other applications as well. Rapid, tack-free cures can be achieved with the use of a simple black light.
Epoxies, 401-946-5564, 



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