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NEW MATERIALS October 2011

Article-NEW MATERIALS October 2011


Cold-seal adhesiveCold-seal adhesive

Pureseal 23322E water-based, cold-seal adhesive can be applied via the flexographic printing process, which means that the cost-intensive etching and re-etching of cylinders can be avoided entirely by using a photopolymer plate. This is key for shorter, specialized runs in the confectionery bar market. Pureseal 23322E allows manufacturers to produce cold-seal flexible packaging on existing narrow-web press equipment. The cold-seal adhesive can be applied as an overall coat or pattern. It seals packages comprised of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), white OPP, metalized OPP, polyester, paperboard, foil and other substrates suitable for food packaging. FDA compliant for food packaging, it releases from release-treated films or release lacquer-coated substrates. The synthetic-based cohesive has no natural rubber components, making it suitable for medical and protective packaging applications, too.
Ashland Inc., 859-815-3333.


Dispensing inner sealDispensing inner seal

ALKOflex Perf is a laser-perforated sealing foil that features an exposed opening when the aluminum top layer is peeled off. The sealing foil may be used with or without a reseal part. The shape of the laser perforation can be designed according to the customer's specification and the product can easily be dispersed or taken
in controllable portions.
Meyer Seals, +49 5181-8018-0.


Pallet stabilizing systemPallet stabilizing system

New Sur-Stak pallet stabilizing system uses anti-slip paper to stabilize boxes, bags, cartons, glass or plastic packaging. The use of this paper can help reduce material costs by eliminating damaged goods during shipping and handling, the company states. This product promotes safe and environmentally friendly manufacturing with the use of its recyclable paper, and a roll can hold up to 2,500 sheets of paper.
Azco Corp., 973-439-1428.


Corner boardCorner board

Corner Board PDH is made of high-impact polystyrene instead of the usual paperboard, producing a tougher shape, the company says. Test results show that it withstands crushing forces up to 25 percent greater than paperboard, protects edges and corners of the load from damage, gives better vertical stability and shields those areas gripped by strapping. In addition, the corner board can be sterilized and is inherently non-microbial and anti-bacterial. It's also waterproof and weather resistant and maintains a clean appearance.
Double H Plastics, 800-523-3932.


Velcro strap

Logistrap is a reusable and versatile strap for material-handling applications in distribution centers, warehouses and closed-loop logistics to secure pallet boxes, sleeve packs and collapsible containers. The product reduces costs in the supply chain by offering a reusable strap for securing goods to a pallet, significantly lowering packaging, recycling and maintenance costs, the company states. The strap secures and releases quickly with no tools or equipment required, and features two different lengths, 5- and 7-m, to accommodate different applications.
Velcro USA Inc., 800-225-0180.


Inkjet-printable plastic labelInkjet-printable plastic label

The company has developed a new label that allows plastic films to be inkjet printed with eco-friendly water-based inks. The water-absorbing coating is applied to part of the plastic label, allowing for subsequent on-demand marking with necessary variable data. The label design includes a laminate that is placed on top of the bar code after application to the glass container. This laminate protects the code from mechanical abrasion and disinfectants. For containers with particularly small diameters, the company has also developed a label version whose bar coded section lifts up to be flatter for easier code readability.
Schreiner MediPharm, 845-848-9000.


Clamshell containerClamshell container

BagasseWare moisture-resistant clamshell containers feature lining made from NatureWorks' Ingeo biopolymer, a polylactic acid (PLA) material that gives the container grease and moisture resistance and ensures it retains its original shape and rigidity when in contact with hot, wet foods. The containers address the tendency of bio-based containers to soften and lose their structural integrity when serving hot and moist food, a problem that has long frustrated operators of cafeterias, restaurants and "to go" establishments, the company states.
Excellent Packaging & Supply, 800-317-2737.

Injection-moldable bio-plastic

Cellulose acetate-based Biograde V 2091 is a transparent injection-moldable grade that has been developed for thin-walled parts with long flow paths. Along with its high transparency, the product stands out due to its smooth and shiny surface. It is suitable for thin-walled parts, as it is more flexible and able to withstand higher heat distortion temperatures than standard polystyrene, the company states.
FKuR Plastics Corp., 512-986-8478.


Marine-biodegradable films/bagsMarine-biodegradable films/bags

New EcoOcean bioplastic combines environmental and performance benefits of flexibility and strength. The material is anaerobic and marine biodegradable (to help combat waterway litter), and commercial and low-temperature backyard compostable. It also contains 77 percent annually renewable raw material content. EcoOcean has been tested to numerous standards and specifications, including ASTM D 7081: Standard Specification for Biodegradability in Marine Environments; ASTM D 5511: Standard Test Method for Anaerobic Biodegradation (15 Days); and ASTM D 6400: Standard Specification for Commercial Compostability.
Cortec Corp., 800-426-7832.


Multipack solutionMultipack solution

The company has reduced the quantity of material per pack by almost 17 percent by substantially strengthening the material, so less material performs in exactly the same way. The reduction in material has a huge impact on the supply chain and generates cost savings from creation to disposal. Compared to shrink film, this packaging uses less than 40 percent of the material for an equivalent pack size, part of the company's mission to develop packaging with little or no environmental impact.
Hi-Cone, 630-438-5300.


Hot-melt adhesiveHot-melt adhesive

GreenMelt is a high-performance packaging and paper converting hot-melt adhesive that provides excellent adhesion, runnability and mileage. Due to its low-density chemistry, the adhesive provides a 10 percent savings in adhesive usage at the same volume of application as comparable conventional products, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective adhesive solution, the company states. Available in mini- and micro-chip sizes, the product is a flat-rounded chip form adhesive with a component blend process that makes it easy to handle and simple to dispense into melt equipment.
Wisdom Adhesives, 847-841-7002.

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