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Shrink sleeves with foil

The company is now capable of integrating foil into shrink sleeve designs. The shelf appeal of full-body shrink labels has proved itself in the retail market with increasing sales on existing products with label-to-sleeve redesigns, the company says. Adding foil increases shelf appeal and the company can help integrate the foil into sleeve packaging using holographic and standard foils. Custom tinting is available.
Overnight Labels Inc., 631-242-4240.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-6746


Stock clamshells

With the recent addition of 10 new sizes, the company now offers 21 stock clamshells. Each clamshell is available for immediate shipment in minimum quantities that range from 50- to 600-units/case and online ordering is available. Packaging cavity space ranges from less than 2-cubic in. to more than 40-cubic in. and all designs incorporate space for printed insert cards. All stock clamshells are recyclable and made from a blend of recycled PVC and PET.
Visipak, 800-922-9391.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-6025


Hot melt adhesive

Advantra Encore adhesive is a new, custom-designed, proprietary technology platform for quality hot melt performance, the company says. From deep freeze to hot fill, the adhesive can perform across a service temperature range from -20 to 140-deg F. The hot melt adhesive is specifically designed for bonding on a range of challenging substrates including coated stocks and high recycled-content board, the company claims.
H.B. Fuller, 651-236-5900.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-5004


Spouted pouch

NorSpoutBag is a feature-rich stand-up pouch with an integrated pour spout and easy-carry handle. The pouch features point of sale impact, source reduction opportunities and consumer convenience, the company states. It is suitable for household detergents, cooking oils and lawn and garden products. The pouch bag is easy to open, pour and reclose. A variety of sizes and screw caps are available.
Nordenia USA, 573-335-4900.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-5640

Stock rollstock

The company is announcing a new stock program for many of its custom, high-performance rollstock products. Up until now, these engineered structures could not be attained without higher volume commitments. The stock program includes multiple high-performance materials including easy-open, peelable structures and foil composites for pouches and lidding applications. Typical applications include medical devices, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and a spectrum of durable consumer goods products.
Rollprint Packaging Products, 800-276-7629.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-5907


Plastic keg

PubKeg is the compatible one-sixth barrel plastic alternative to metal kegs. The company's innovative packaging solution eliminates deposit costs and paperwork requirements for brewers looking to broaden their distribution and export or offer seasonal brands. The keg's Black Exchange Program is a reusable packaging option that provides a sustainable, no-hassle, pooled, one-way shipping-and-tracking solution.
Rehrig Pacific Co., 800-421-6244.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-5502

Unit-dose pack

The Butterfly Pack unit-dose packaging was developed for single-handed dispensing using a sachet format. It is made from two high-barrier films, a flexible top web and a semi-rigid forming web. To dispense, the pack is picked up by using one hand. By squeezing the opposite edges toward each other, the pack folds and snaps open, providing an engineered and controlled release of the contents. Features and benefits of the pack include accurate product dosing to eliminate product overfill, controlled dispensing to avoid accidental spills, lower costs versus bottles and tubes, and improved image quality versus wrinkled and hard-to-open sachets.
Ampac, 800-543-7030.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-5715


Visual packaging

The company's design engineers are able to develop creative thermoformed and fabricated plastic packages for retail and clubstore merchandising, including transparent folding cartons, custom thermoformed packaging, carded blisters and clamshells. Sustainable designs protect products from damage and pilfering while using less material and/or recycled-content plastics (including post-consumer materials), as well as promoting consumer recycling. The company also produces various fabricated components, such as rounds, lids, sleeves and point-of-purchase displays. Decorating provides a brand's "wow" factor, with techniques such as layering, opacity and foil stamping available, as well as custom printing services.
Transparent Container, 888-449-8520.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-5518

Label solutions

The company releases its latest developments in decorative label solutions. The label solutions feature innovative ink, coating and substrate options for cut-and-stack, p-s, roll-fed and shrink-sleeve labels, as well as a variety of sustainability options from substrates to processes. The company has compiled two packets of samples: Innovation Label Options Kit and Sustainability Label Options Kit.
Fort Dearborn Co., 847-357-9500.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-451


Bag-in-box filler

The new Scholle SureFill High-Acid bag-in-box filler is a fully automatic system that delivers high-volume large-volume output, giving beverage processors the ability to offer aseptic products like preservative-free juices, juice concentrates, tea and coffee in easy-to-use, environmentally-conscious bag-in-box format. Bag sizes range from 1 to 5 gal. The single-head design fits a variety of production floor layouts.
Scholle, 708-562-7290.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-5937



Alvey robotics, operating on industry-standard controls, enable customers to deploy efficient and repeatable robotics solutions that also seamlessly integrate with other equipment on the line. By maintaining a familiar control platform, plant floor personnel can support these robotic applications without being "robotic experts." The robotics are suitable for companies looking to integrate robotics into existing fill lines, including wineries, distilleries and breweries, the company states.
Intelligrated, 877-315-3400.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-3611


Integrated scale

The company's EZ Weigh Integrated Scale Option uses load cell technology to combine pallet load weighing and stretch wrapping into a one-step process. The machine's design separates the weigh system from the stretch wrapper's frame, ensuring only objects placed on the wrapper's turntable get weighed. Designed for the company's Q-300, Q-300XT, Q-400 and Q-400XT stretch wrappers, the new option is compatible with both 65- and 72-in. diameter turntables. Stretch wrappers equipped with the integrated scale maintain the Q-Series' classic low profile and ship calibrated and ready for immediate use.
Lantech, 800-866-0322.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-1823


Magnet assemblies

The company offers 18 types of magnet assemblies, a simple solution for no-wear magnetic holding of an object. Types of magnets include flat gripper, rod gripper, button, and U-Magnets, in steel, stainless steel and brass. Assemblies are also available in an array of sizes, threads and finishes, and are designed to provide a variety of levels of pulling forces and accommodate different mounting requirements.
J.W. Winco Inc., 800-877-8351.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-5461



The new Starpac 600 HL wrapping machine closes packages with hermetic sealing, allowing for maximum protection of products in single-wrap, die-fold packages. Chocolate manufacturers can now differentiate their products with the premium look of die-fold packages while guaranteeing quality and safety, the company says. The wrapper wraps small- to medium-sized chocolates with an output of up to 600 pieces/min.
Bosch Packaging Technology, 763-424-4700.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-1423



Vivo! Touch digital color label printer includes a new web server, a new enterprise printer driver for NiceLabel software, and the new TouchPeel in-line label rewinder and Matrix TouchPrint in-line label rewinder and removal system. The TouchPeel is a combination label rewinder and matrix removal system that intelligently interfaces with the label printer. The printer also features the ability to monitor the color label printer from a standard web browser.
QuickLabel Systems, 877-757-7978.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-1707



MDrive integrated motor products are now available for Ethernet/IP systems, delivering benefits to manufacturing automation including low cost, compact size and high reliability with minimal signal degradation over a long distance. The motion systems feature an integrated motor, drive and fully programmable controller, with a standardized IP addressing system. Ethernet/IP MDrive systems communicate via TCP or UDP interchangeably and MDrive systems allow up to 254 nodes on a network while eliminating the complicated wiring and programming of traditional multi-drop systems with RS-422/485 communications, the company says.
Schneider Electric Motion USA, 860-295-6102.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-4541


Robotic palletizer

The EC-171 robotic palletizer operates at speeds up to 20 cycles per minute and implements a standard collision detection feature. It maintains the smallest rotation radius and excellent energy efficiency, the company claims. The unit allows work in tight space constrictions. The standard touchscreen allows quick program changing and real-time tracking and comparing.
American-Newlong Inc., 317-787-9421.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-6330



Designed for high-density installations, the MPP3 robot is suitable for high-speed packaging, kitting and assembly applications. Featuring the best space utilization in its class, it offers the largest workspace with the smallest footprint, the company states. The robot features a payload capacity up to 3-kg, and is controlled by the compact FS100 controller with open software architecture. This high-speed, Delta-style robot complements the company's line of robotic automation for food and consumer products.
Motoman Robotics, 937-847-6200.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-3438

Leak detector system

The company's TapTone has developed a low-profile version of its successful T4000-DSC leak inspection system, the T4000-DSC Low Profile Inspection System. Containers can be as small as 1-in. high with widths ranging from a 0.5- to 6-in. Applications include eye-drop bottles, single-serve containers and other small, flexible containers.
Teledyne Taptone, 508-563-1000.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-2800


The company releases the A320i, the first printer model in its new A-Series range, which showcases the i-Tech intelligent technology concept. The intelligent technology concept encompasses an array of smart technologies to decrease maintenance on production lines, lower costs and increase efficiency. The system prints up to four lines of code, text, automatic serial or batch numbering and features real-time clocks.
Domino, 847-244-2501.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-2015


Vision inspection

The company releases a new version of In-Sight Explorer 4.5, expanding the capabilities of In-Sight vision systems. The vision inspection system now features an all-in-one edge and surface inspection tool, an all-in-one bead width and position tool, and a robust ID tool that reads multiple codes at one time, allowing the system's cameras to read bar codes and provide inspections simultaneously. The new Flexible Flaw Detection (FFD) edge and surface inspection tool works for both color and grayscale applications and is used to inspect for boundary defects, such as conformity of shape, and surface defects, such as stains and scratches. FFD also gives users the flexibility to select accuracy versus speed requirements and the ability to ignore defects during system run time.
Cognex Corp., 508-650-3000.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-4218


Digital cameras

The Phantom Miro eX line is a series of advanced high-speed digital cameras, which are specifically optimized for high-speed machinery testing, including production line speed-up analysis. All of the cameras in the evolving camera line are lightweight, untethered and easy to use. The cameras are equipped with a built-in LCD screen, allowing for both easy viewing and controlling. Additionally, the line's integrated batteries enable portability and mobility for on-demand troubleshooting. With the cameras, users can take advantage of maximum, full-resolution frame rates of 500- to more than 1,200-frames/sec. By reducing resolution, the cameras can record even faster, reaching speeds of 100,000-frames/sec or more, identifying problems that would otherwise be missed, the company states.
Vision Research, 866-450-7426.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-4960


Case printer

The Optimizer-HF case and bag printer system is designed for low- to medium-size daily print runs of corrugated cases, die cuts and multi-wall kraft bags. End-users can customize the system with choices of print cylinder size, feeding systems and material handling components to achieve desired rate of productivity and efficiency, the company says. The system's generic case printing systems bring speed, flexibility and sustainability to outer case packaging and can provide substantial cost savings.
Iconotech, 800-521-0194.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-5463


Spiral conveyor

The company's Mass Flow Spirals are designed to handle full and empty bottles, cans, jars and similar containers while products are conveyed up or down in a continuous mass flow. The spirals need only one drive motor, which results in substantial savings in controls and systems integration, the company states. All spirals are designed for low maintenance and long life and are able to operate 24/7. The spirals are equipped with extended in- and out-feed tangents to facilitate smooth side transfer to and from external conveyors. They can be delivered with 12-, 16- or 20-in. wide slats with capacities of up to 800, 1,200 or 2,000 bottles or cans/min, respectively.
Ryson, 757-898-1530.
PACK EXPO Booth #S-5215



Featuring a potent motion engine integrated with IEC61131-3 and PLCopen programming standards, the company's MotionWorks IEC PACs provide full scalability from single- to multi-axis applications within a single programming platform. The company will introduce its next generation, the MP3000iec, at Pack Expo 2011, along with the latest Sigma-5 Servo technology featuring Mechatrolink-III Network Connectivity.
Yaskawa, 800-927-5292.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-3438

Case packer

The WCP-35 is a food-friendly, durable, wraparound servo case packer that features a five-panel design and 90-deg discharge. The machine also features stainless steel washdown construction that is suitable for food or pharmaceutical applications. All major motions are driven via servo motor to improve machine throughput and simplify changeovers while reducing air consumption over standard designs. The case packer loads the product onto the blanks, then forms and seals the flaps around the product before the case enters the flap detection system to ensure all sealing is completed. This saves considerable resources in both materials and operating costs, the company says.
Schneider Packaging, 315-676-3035.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-2018


The new AutoPilot hi-resolution inkjet printing system is designed for printing high-resolution characters and other product information directly on porous or non-porous products. The printer uses proven Xaar piezo technology to print up to 0.7-in. of high-resolution characters, text, scannable bar codes and logos at 180-dpi. The 12.1-in. full color touchscreen controller features ATM-simple, easy to follow user prompts to program, save and print messages. Programming and editing can be done right at the production line, or at a remote PC and uploaded to the AutoPilot via USB.
Squid Ink, 800-877-5658.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-4012

Vision systems

In-Sight 5605 vision systems for high-resolution applications provide 2448 x 2048 (5 MP) resolution for high accuracy gauging, defect detection and ID reading, and allows accurate inspection and ID on larger
Cognex Machine Vision Systems, 508-650-3000.
PACK EXPO Booth #C-4218

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