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Integrating safety into prefilled syringes

Article-Integrating safety into prefilled syringes

Integrating safety into prefilled syringes
Image of NewGuard courtesy of Biocorp

A pharmaceutical company marketing an anticoagulant product has reached an agreement with Biocorp to integrate the NewGuard safety device into its prefilled syringes, Biocorp reports in a news release.

NewGuard is a RNS (rigid needle shield) system equipped with a passive safety system that is compatible with various prefilled syringes, Biocorp reports.

Eric Dessertenne, chief operating officer of Biocorp, tells PMP News that NewGuard “is very different from the competition because the other safety devices are add-on devices and require an additional step after the filling process of the syringes, which is to assemble the safety system and put the syringe in it. With NewGuard, the pharmaceutical companies receive a ready-to-fill syringe, with the safety device already assembled in the syringe.” 

He adds that “this is a huge advantage for the processes and their costs.” The system can also adapt to different filling, sterilization, and packaging processes without requiring any changes from the manufacturer, Biocorp reports.

Safety devices are a requirement in the majority of the markets, he adds. “This regulatory constraint becomes more and more stringent. NewGuard is a solution that is answering these requirements in a very cost-effective way.”

The partnership is anticipated to include more than 150 million NewGuard units, Biocorp reports in the release.

"We are delighted and honored to have signed this partnership. This first strategic collaboration with a global pharmaceutical giant is a true recognition of our know-how and expertise in improving the delivery of drugs. This is a new strategic step for Biocorp, which is about to become, thanks to this agreement, a key global player in safety medical devices," stated Dessertenne in the release.

Biocorp will be exhibiting at Stand D28 at Pharmapack Europe February 7-8, 2018.

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