Novel drug-delivery devices merit coveted MDEA awards

Lisa Pierce in Drug-Delivery Devices on September 11, 2018

Four user-friendly packages for drug-delivery and combination products help administer accurate doses and improve healthcare treatments. Eli Lilly and Co., Accord Healthcare Ltd., PharmaC LLC and Ethicon US LLC earned 2018 Medical Device Excellence Awards for their new products and developments.

Organized by media brand Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry MD+DI, the MDEA competition recognizes innovation in nine medical categories (see all winners here). One category, Drug-Delivery and Combination Products, relates directly to packaging and the winning developments are worth sharing with the Packaging Digest and Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News audiences.

In this category for 2018, MD+DI presented four awards: two gold awards, one silver and one bronze. Winning Gold are Eli Lilly and Co. and Ethicon US LLC. Accord Healthcare Ltd. took Silver. PharmaC LLC won the Bronze.

We start our descriptions of the winning packages with the Bronze Award winner and work our way up to the top Gold Award winners.


Bronze Award: OnSite-IV from PharmaC LLC

The OnSite-IV is a single-use device that facilitates creation of a sterile fluid path to transfer liquid from the syringe body to a vial for delivery into an IV bag or elastomeric device. The device provides both admixture and direct dispensing of medications in a single, closed system without the use of needles. Its universal design allows it to be used with any elastomeric device.

While intended to be used by healthcare professionals, OnSite-IV can be used in multiple healthcare settings: hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, military locations and even the patient’s home. The design functions similar to that of existing syringes—it requires a simple 180-degree rotation to operate—which minimizes training needed for users.

Preparing intravenous medications on-demand helps eliminate drug waste and addresses drug stability and transport issues, particularly for home intravenous use. OnSite-IV reduces shipping costs and concern with temperature control issues for homecare medications because drug stability is maintained until it is mixed and added to an IV container. The drug device also allows for greater use in locations where refrigeration is problematic, such as in third-world countries.

Because the medication vial can be attached to a manifold in an operating room setting, benefits for use in the OR include eliminating multiple aspirations and the need to label multiple syringes.


NEXT: Silver Award: Methofill (methotrexate) Self Inject from Accord Healthcare Ltd.

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