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in Drug-Delivery Devices on September 11, 2018

Silver Award: Methofill (methotrexate) Self Inject from Accord Healthcare Ltd.

Used for Methofill Self Inject, the handheld SelfDose injector from West Pharmaceutical Services helps patients self-administer a subcutaneous injection. The device is part of a combination product that is supplied to patients with a standard 1mL prefilled syringe already loaded inside. Its overall design makes it easy to use, at home, for people with limited dexterity—what’s called a “worse-case” patient. Being able to self-inject at home saves them from having to make what can be difficult trips to a clinical setting.

Contrary to a standard autoinjector, the SelfDose is a patient-controlled manual injector. This means the patient can adjust the delivery rate of the drug to what’s most comfortable for them. Why is that control important? Higher viscosity formulations—a characteristic of many of today’s fast-growing biologic drugs—may be painful when injected too quickly.

Additionally, the device is designed not to be scary, intimidating or “medical looking” to help patients be more comfortable using it. The intuitive and non-intimidating self-injection device helps ensure successful adherence with a window to confirm drug delivery, a color indicator of completed injection and an audible click confirming completed injection.

Instead of following the trend to smaller autoinjector devices, the SelfDose is deliberately large, with an easy-to-grip mushroom top. That gives patients more area to grasp, which is especially helpful when dexterity is low.

The product was tested with patients who were never able to self-inject before, and they were successful in a simulation during their first use of the SelfDose injector.

The design also allows pharmaceutical partners to insert their own drug in a prefilled syringe into the device, and any dose volume at any viscosity up to 1mL can be used without modifying the product.


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