6 distinctive downstream packaging systems at ProMat: Page 5 of 6

By Rick Lingle in End-of-Line Systems on April 08, 2015

In a change of pace from the other packaging booths that generally involved boxes in some way, Automated Packaging Systems’ AutoBag 850S Mail Order Fulfillment Bagger is capable of running bags up to 22 inches wide. The innovative bag opening technology grabs and secures the bag in a ready position.  A wide-open loading area features pressure sensors that eliminate the need for bulky guarding and safety switches around the heat sealer portion. That results in ergonomic and conveniently fast loading by operators.  It also offers AutoTouch control screen and on-board diagnostics and an inline thermal imprinter for individually personalized mail order fulfillment applications. Bags can be provided printed in up to 10 colors for an impactful impression with customers.


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