6 distinctive downstream packaging systems at ProMat: Page 6 of 6

By Rick Lingle in End-of-Line Systems on April 08, 2015

Fox IV Technology’s display of print-and-apply systems highlighted units more suitable for warehouse and supply chain applications. One example was an efficient, labelstock-saving printer-applicator that produced printed labels cut to size according to the amount of printed copy required. That was interesting enough, but what caught my eye after having heard the Google presentation earlier as being instantly on-trend was a Cloud-enabled printer-applicator. CEO Rick Fox pointed out that they have had “interest from factory-floor personnel for Cloud-enabled capability, but the security and permissions challenges associated with that access was a sticking point with IT personnel.” The feature allows monitoring of different machines as well as download of settings per recipe.

Fox also pointed out that his company, too, has added Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley PLC controls to the equipment.




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