2-head filler meets ‘lite’ packaging automation needs

Rick Lingle in Fillers on January 21, 2015

The “groninger lite” line of machinery debuts with the EBF 102L, an automated two-headed filler designed for small private-label, R&D and contract manufacturing applications. The “lite” models fill the gap between manual tabletop units and fully automated, high-speed production equipment. This first system can fill up to 45 units per minute with a filling range for glass or plastic containers up to 500ml/16-oz in size in a variety shapes, using pucks or puck-less. The filler features a sturdy design and easy and quick size changeovers and a 12-inch touchscreen control panel. Machines from groninger USA LLC are made in the USA using German engineering. Visit them at WestPack 2015, Booth #5573.

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