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The piece of equipment used on a packaging line to fill product into containers is called a filler. That deceptively simple word covers a range of equipment styles and processing techniques. In the food and beverage industries alone, fillers are available for hot-fill, cold-fill and aseptic filling applications.

Fillers are available for virtually every size container, from pharmaceutical ampoules to standard retail bottles, jars and pouches to 55-gallon drums and bulk multiwall bags. Generally speaking, fillers can be configured for either fully automated or semi-automated operation.

From a design standpoint, the array of filler options is considerable. For filling liquids, packagers have the choice of liquid-level fillers, which fill each container to the same visual level; overflow fillers fall into this category. Or they may choose a volumetric filler, designed to deliver the same volume of product into each container. Blow/Fill/Seal (B/F/S) technologies are suitable for liquids needing sterility. Piston fillers, pump fillers, flow-meter fillers, weight/mass fillers and time-based gravity fillers are different types of volumetric fillers.

Each type of liquid filler is best suited to certain types of products, based on viscosity, particulate content and characteristics like foaming and corrosiveness.

The fillers used for dry products like powders and granules include net-weight systems and volumetric fillers (such as, auger fillers). Filling small, discrete items like tablets, capsules, soft gels and hard candies requires a tablet counting system. This type of filler counts the number of pieces prior to filling them into a package.

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As a natural-food entrepreneur, I was able to conquer new market territory by upgrading to an automatic filler I found at Pack Expo.



The blaat of my phone roused me from my slumbers where I had been dreaming of packaging machines. Ralph couldn't control his filling volumes and needed help now.

"On my way," I told him.


The 10P-02 Filler from Hinds-Bock is suitable for conveyors, horizontal vacuum formers and tray sealers.


The PASE Group team has 60 combined years experience in manufacturing equipment for the food, paint and coatings, chemical,petroleum, personal care and the beverage industries.

These seven occurrences could complicate your pharma filling processes.

Filling pharmaceutical bottles, vials, syringes, blisters, and other containers accurately is a key process requirement.


Adrian was on the blower.

"I need help, KC. We've started tracking our OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and it is not good at all. I think I was happier not knowing."


If you are looking for a way to package a new product or for an upgrade to an existing packaging line, PSI can offer a cost-effective solution.


Here at Apacks we design and build packaging machinery to help our customers reach their unique production goal. We build a wide range of filling equipment tailored to the way you do business.


For nearly 25 years Batching Systems, Inc. (BSI) has specialized in providing product filling machinery by count, weight, or volume to a wide variety of industries.


A company with totally Brazilian capital, located in Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina, INDUMAK stands out in the market due to its modern line of packing machines, baling machines and their accessories.


Fogg's Clean In Place (CIP) skid will mix, heat, and deliver caustic and/or other chemicals and water to clean all product contact parts of the filler for a clean in place process and recycle as desired.


Spee-Dee’s multi-lane filling systems come with several advantages to help customers improve production.


Pack Line Mission Statement Prosperous cooperation with our customers is a solid base for mutual success.


In the mid 1930s Mr. F.L. Burt of San Francisco believed the Untied States would benefit from his German-designed filling system. Thus the F.L. Burt Filling Machine Company was founded.


Rethceif Packaging is your global processing and packaging provider.

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In the mid 1930s Mr. F.L. Burt of San Francisco believed the Untied States would benefit from his German-designed filling system. Thus the F.L. Burt Filling Machine Company was founded. As the machines were straightforward, and uncomplicated to...

Spee-Dee® Packaging Machinery is consistently recognized by globally respected corporations, including Abbott Laboratories, Dow Chemical, General Mills, Kraft, McCormick & Company and Pfizer (among others), as the number one provider of...

Toyo Jidoki specializes in developing and manufacturing automatic filling and packing machines. Beginning in 1960, the company has dedicated years to improving its independently developed technology. Now, through Matrix, the company offers rotary...

It doesn't matter if you only need to package small scale for your local farmer's market or you're putting your product in stores nationwide, Wilpack Packaging has the experiece, the equipment and the supplies to meet your needs. We offer you the...