3 ways to ensure your pharma filler is operating efficiently: Page 2 of 3

Krys Beal in Fillers on August 01, 2016

Above: E-PAK Machinery Capping Machine for Pharmaceuticals


2. Provide Proper Training for Operators

Sufficiently trained employees are as vital as fully functioning equipment. Companies may provide basic training for operators when hiring them, but as machinery is replaced and programming changes, operators may not fully understand how to handle new equipment. Production line managers should not only provide extensive introductory training, but they should also provide training when new equipment comes in to help make sure they're familiar with it prior to operation. 

While operators might be familiar with one piece of equipment, they may be unsure about how to operate equipment with updated mechanics and programs. Certain companies that sell liquid-filling equipment will also offer operator training services to help accustom employees to newly installed machines, preparing them for when the equipment starts working.

With operators on your team who know exactly how to operate all of the equipment utilized in your facility, you can benefit from maximized productivity and subsequently more profitability.

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Much thanks to you sharing thi
Much thanks to you sharing thi
Intellitech, manufacturer of precision liquid filling equipment, offers customers post-sale maintenance agreements, on-site service, phone support, MRO/consumable spares (preferred pricing) lists, periodic training, preventive maintenance programs and reminders to support customers production environments.