Rotary filler access and changeover improved

Rick Lingle in Fillers on October 31, 2016

This stainless steel Rotary Filler has been redesigned with a smaller, streamlined base of support with full access to the drive system and change parts. The improved access makes cleaning, maintenance and changeovers faster and easier; all changeovers are tool-free. The high-speed system accepts rigid containers for a variety of dry products including spices and infant formula.

Clear Plexiglas doors run from the top of the machine to the floor to provide a clear barrier. When opened, the Plexiglas permits ample and easy machine access.

The filler’s patented detachable, no contamination magnetic funnels allow for quick cleaning and changeover.  Other features and benefits:

•             Independent vibration rails are isolated from the rest of the machine to enhance accuracy and reducing vibration-related mechanical complications;

•             Servo-driven timing screw, star wheel and turret change parts can be removed and cleaned quickly without tools; all driven by servo motors so timing functions can be set up electronically;

•             Augers can be raised, turned and lowered on the outside area of the filler for easy cleaning and to change tooling.

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery (, Pack Expo Booth N-5436

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